Pre-School 3 - 6 years

This section is dedicated to providing information, advice and resources for pre-school aged children.  In the articles in this section, parents can find information on preparing your child for pre-school, cultivating positive behaviour through ‘positive parenting’, as well as information on key development milestones at this age.  To discuss any parenting issues you may be faced with, or to offer advice and support to other parents, remember to log onto the discussion forum where you will be able to network with other parents, and with professionals.  For a full list of all services in your area, please visit the Service Directory.

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Age-by-Age Guide to Lying

Yes, kids lie. (But so do adults.) The good news: If parents take a strong lead on a no-lying policy, most children will learn to walk the straight and narrow.


Children's sharing and learning to share

Learning to share can be a challenge for young children, but sharing is a skill they need for play and learning throughout childhood. Why sharing is important Sharing is a vital life skill. It’s something toddlers and children need to learn to make

Source: Rising Children Network

Conflict & Children’s Difficult Behaviour

Tips for resolving conflicts and children's difficult behavior


Starting School For the First Time

Starting school for the first time is certainly a big event in the life of a young child but it can be an even bigger event in the lives of the parents.


Defiance: why it happens and what to do about it

Your preschooler refuses to leave his friend's house, ignores your request to put away his toys, and pushes his trucks down the stairs despite your repeated instructions not to. Why is he being so defiant?


What are the different types of childcare?

Child Care: How to Find Quality Child Care childcare Veer Whether you're heading back to work full-time, planning a night out with your significant other, or looking for an extra pair of hands to keep older kids entertained while you take care of a n


Working parents need to be earning €30,000 just to cover childcare costs

PARENTS need to earn up to €30,000 a year just to fund the cost of childcare for two children.


How to help your child overcome bed wetting

Bed wetting is a common problem for millions of children and pre-teens around the world. Up to the age of four or five, most children have poor bladder control at night, but the inability for children to stay dry after this age bracket is a sign of an un


Fine motor skills - Preschool Development

Fine Motor Skills (colouring, cutting, beading, lego, drawing) “Fine motor” refers to the movements we make with the small muscles of the hands. Children start to use their hands right at birth to explore their own bodies and the world around them. Th

Source: Children's Therapy and Family Resource Centre

Preschooler 3-5 years

Skills such as naming colors, showing affection, and hopping on one foot are called developmental milestones. Developmental milestones are things most children can do by a certain age. Children reach milestones in how they play, learn, speak, behave, and

Source: Center for Disease and Control Prevention

Social Development in the Preschool Years

As three-, four-, and five-year-olds grow, they become increasingly more social beings. By three, children’s physical development has allowed them to move around independently and they are curious about their environment and the people in it.


Teaching Preschoolers to Use Scissors

Little hands can develop fine motor skills by learning the proper way to cut paper.


Serve up good nutrition for preschoolers

Preschoolers are active, spirited tykes. And while they're generally adorable and fun, it's perfectly normal for 3, 4, and 5-year-olds to be opinionated -- especially about eating. Here's some advice from the experts on how to avoid preschool food figh

Source: Web MD

Cooking with children

In most households, the kitchen is where the action is. Cooking with kids and sharing your kitchen with them encourages their interest in cooking and food. It’s also a fun way to encourage healthy eating habits and skills for life.

Source: Raising Children Network

My four-year-old is obsessed with food from time she wakes

I have a four-year-old girl. She is a very pretty, bright chatty little person. However, it seems her life revolves around food.


Preschooler Development and Positive Parenting

Not a baby anymore, not even a toddler, your little one is a Preschooler -- what is often called the Wonder Years. And wondrous they are, as your little one gains the ability to manage herself and control her emotions -- most of the time! Want coopera

Source: Aha! Parenting

David Coleman: 10 tips on how to help your child grow into a responsible adult

We all want responsible children who will grow up to be responsible adults. But what is the best way to achieve this? I believe responsibility is one of the core values that we need to try to instil in children.


How important is play in preschool?

As preschools strengthen their academic focus, play maintains a vital role.

Source: Great Kids!

Play in Preschool: Why it Matters

Parents often hear of the importance of play in preschool. But playing with dolls and blocks seems to have little to do with the academic knowledge that children will need to succeed in kindergarten. So why is it so important?