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The Parents Academy e-learning platform is available to support your journey to become a qualified lay family learning advisor. Our training programme is practical, interactive, positive, evidence-informed and is offered using a blended learning approach. To support our group-based activities and training sessions, the Parents Academy e-learning platform has been developed to provide you with unlimited access to learning materials and resources supporting you to complete the training programme whilst also balancing your home, work and family commitments.  

Drawing on well-researched ideas about child development, early childhood learning and parent-child communication, the Parents Academy is ideal for parents who want to support and influence their children’s learning, early language, and social, emotional & cognitive development.

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Early Childhood Development

• The Developing Child • Social, Emotional & Cognitive Development • Supporting a Child’s Development

3 Courses

1.1 The Developing Child

1.2 Social, Emotional & Cognitive Development

1.3 Supporting a Child’s Development

Early Language Learning

• Developing Play for Language • Language Development • Promoting Effective Communication

3 Courses

2.1 Developing Play for Language

2.2 Early Language Development

2.3 Promoting Effective Communication

Parenting Supports

• Parenting Styles • Managing Challenging Behaviour • Parental Well-being

3 Courses

3.1 Parenting Styles

3.2 Managing Challenging Behaviour

3.3 Parental Well-being

Professional Skills

• Facilitation Skills • Career Guidance • ICT Skills

2 Courses

4.1 Facilitation Skills

4.2 Career Guidance

Language Learning Lab

4 Courses

Alphabets of Europe Interactive Activities

Colours in Spanish

Digital Alphabet Books

Introduction to Spanish

Parents Academy Tutorials

Tutorials for maintaining and updating the PINECL Social Networks

7 Courses

Ask The Experts

Automatic News Sources

Creating and Editing Articles


Managing the Localised contents

The Directory

the E-Learning Module