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Niamh Molyneaux
23.10.2015 2:58
Overall the most widely used form and the most advocated in modern society is the Democratic Style of parenting. Most of us dip into different styles from time to time, from Democratic to Authoritarian to Permissive parenting .From information and research completed it would appear that Democratic Parenting is better for the child’s self-esteem. The parent and child have a more balanced relationship. The child is involved in devising the consequences. The child will have a better understanding of the boundaries and what is acceptable and what is not acceptable behaviour. Democratic parenting includes the child- good for their self-esteem, feel trusted and part of the decision. Democratic parenting focuses on positive behaviour rather than negative behaviour and overall it would be said promotes positive behaviour in both child and parent. In authoritarian household, the discipline and consequences are parent led and the child does not get any say. The child does not feel valued in the same way as the child in a democratic household. The child does not feel that their opinion counts. The child is usually fearful of consequences as consequences are sometimes unknown until something happens .It’s not a collaborative and trusting relationship. The parent in control does not foster a positive, warm or affectionate relationship between the parent and child and does not encourage trust. In a household where permissive parenting is advocated. The child is in control. The child does not learn and understand boundaries. The child may struggle with authority later in life. Permissive Parenting is good for the child’s self-esteem and inspires creativity and freedom of expression. Often there can be poor communication with the child by the parent. The child make lack maturity as they are used to getting what they want. The child is not used to boundaries and may find certain workplace environments difficult due to limits and protocols etc. Overall based on research and discussion it would be perceived the Democratic Parenting style appears to be the most effective and beneficial to the child in their development into adulthood.
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